Telehub 2.0


Telehub 2.0

"Skilled communities empowered for innovation”

"“Providing access to technology and applicable training to equip individuals for future opportunities”.


UNI Connecting Neighbors --- Urban Neighborhood Initiate

Historic Vine Wireless Cloud
Mozilla/NSF WINS award
Honorable Mention $10,000

Black Family Technology Awareness Association
KC Digital Drive
KCMO Digital Strategic Plan
Kansas City Mo Public Schools
Established Skilu partnership.

Over the summer of 2015, the Telehub went through extensive strategic planning sessions to revaluate it's direction. Members expressed concerns with creation of the "Digital Age" caste system. Individuals, alignment to creator, maintainers, and consumer castes. Fear is our community is being relegated to consumer caste.

Strategic plans lead to an update of the Telehub's vision and mission to one that aligned with perceived need to exposed the community with skill building opportunities.

In Leon Dixon's, "World of Our Dreams"., memoir, "Harrison's Hypothesis" was termed due to observation, the Telehub blessings were bestowed when times of needs occur. Over the 2015 Christmas holiday's, Aaron Deacon, Managing Director of KC Digital Drive reached out to the W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center (DLC), Telehub to provide technical support to deliver on a grant that had been provided to the Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI), Connecting Neighbors project. This had a rejuvenating effect on the Telehub; languishing without funds to acquire technology. Stay tune to this site as this group of like minded individuals attempts to make a difference in our community.


Telehub 1.0

Connecting Neighbors

Connecting Neigbors

Connecting Neighbors-UNI is pilot effort to bridge digital deficiencies in Kansas City's underserverd community. This is a community based project to build a wireless network that will advance digital skills to enhance our community ability to compete in the digital age. KC Digital Drive partnership has leveraged their relationship with wireless equipment vendors to acquire carrier grade equipment to build the network under the technical guidance of the W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center (DLC). Partnership established with KCPS, to supplement instructions for students in the Cisco Pathway program at Manuel Career Technical (MCTC). These students will be trained to build and maintain this network.

Urban Neighborhood Initiative Project


Operational Links

Gregg Tabernacle AME (GREGG)
Historic Lincoln Building (HLINC)
Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council (INC)
Kansas City Neighborhood Academy(KCNA)
Lincoln Preparatory Academy (LINC)
Manuel Career Tech Center (MCTC)
Reconciliation Service (RS)

In Work

Central Middle School (CMS)
Victory Life Church (VLC)
W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center (DLC)


Skill Development
Basic Cable Technician
PC Repair

Forward by Irinia Bokova, UNESCO "Working Group on Education: Digital Skills for Lief & Work, September 2017

  • People speak of the emergence of a new generation of ‘digital natives’ as if this is inevitable. It isn’t — we see new divides emerging and old gaps widening, notably for girls and women. To be truly empowering, new technologies must stand on two pillars. Firstly, they must be inclusive, bridging gaps, not widening them. Secondly, they must be underpinned by respect for human rights and dignity. In this context, the imperative of fostering digital literacy for all has never been so important.
  • From the work for the National Broadband Plan, we learned that cost, digital skills, and relevance are the reasons people cite for not having home service. It's time to cross relevance off the list. A lot more non-adopters say in 2015 that having service at home is important than did in 2010. We didn't explore digital skills as a barrier in this research -- but I can assure (from research I have underway that will come out in the 1Q of '16) that digital skills still matter a lot to adoption & use. -- {SHLB} Pew Research states relevance can be crossed off the list of broadband adoption barriers.

    Central Middle School (CMS)

    Gregg Tabernacle AME (GREGG)

    Crew at Gregg AME

    Historic Lincoln Building (HLINC)

    Ivanhoe Neigborhood Council (INC)

    Kansas City Neighborhood Academy (KCNA)

    Lincoln Preparatory Academy (LINC)

    Crew at HLINC

    Crew at LINC

    Manuel Career Tech Center (MCTC)

    Next Steps - Connecting Neighbors

    Reconciliation Service (RS)

    Skill Development

    Basic Cable Installer

    Computer Service Technicans

    UNI - MAN Topology

    Victorious Life Church (VLC)

    W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center (DLC)

    Mozilla : Smart Community Network Challenge

    Google map of KCPS District


    Interest Measurement

    Neighborhood Survey

    Community Training

  • Cisco Career Pathway - Manuel Career Technical Center
  • Capacity improvements of existing wireless cloud

    Urban Challenges to Line if Sight

    Extend Coverage Utilizing KCPS fiber infrastructure

    Technology Assessment (RFPs)

  • 3.65 GHz

  • Identify Radios for Light Pole Installation
  • Goals

    Mozilla : WINS - Prototype

    Ivanhoe - Gregg

    Open Mesh Testing

    Historic Lincoln

    Mimosa Testing

    Prototype - Backbone

    Prototype - Backhaul

    Prototype - DLC

    Prototype - INC - Gregg

    Open Mesh

    Prototype - Mimosa

    Prototype - Training